Cracker Barrel Locations


Cracker Barrel is a American based restaurant that features a gift store with a country focus.  The business was started in 1969 with the first location being in Tennessee.  There are now about 620 Cracker Barrel locations across the United States.  The stores are well known for being near high ways and major exits.

When looking at Cracker Barrel eating options you will find a number of ways that you can save money on your meal at your Cracker Barrel locations.  You can find coupons online at the company website and other popular coupon websites.  In addition when looking for restaurant coupons you can often find them in coupon books being sold at various events and by community groups.

The menu of Cracker Barrel is focused on basic South cooking with the theme designed to have the feel of an old fashion general store.  Every restaurant has a porch that has a lot of wood chairs.  Once you get inside one of the first things you will see is the large fireplace that feels good in the winter.   The main reason for going to the store is the well known country food often with a Southern flavor.  The featured items on the menu are chicken, biscuits, and other breakfast items.

For a large amount of history the restaurant has made the choice to put it’s restaurants along major interstate systems and close to exits.  One thing that has made the restaurant successful is it has gained a large amount of loyalty from it’s customers.

Of course no stop at the Cracker Barrel store would be complete with a walk through the old country gift shop.  The shop has a large variety of gifts form toys, old fashion food, and baby clothes. The store is famous for it’s country theme and it seeks to keep this alive in the store as well as the restraurant.


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